Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving week was busy but so amazing! 
I had school on Monday and Tuesday where my precious Kindergartners performed their Thanksgiving Program twice! Once for our school on Monday and once for their families on Tuesday. Also, we had a giant Thanksgiving Dessert with our families Tuesday afternoon. I am blessed beyond words with my class and their families who are so involved and excited to help and be a part of our class!!! 

Wednesday we had a Thanksgiving lunch at my mother and father in laws house with my sister in law and her family. I am quite lucky that my best friend became my sister in law when I married my hubby! Lenette, Tim, C and B stayed at our house Wednesday night and it was such a great evening! We watched Santa Clause *The Movie* it's a classic, not the Tim Allen one. 

Thursday, we got up, cooked, and prepared for our great Thanksgiving! We had my Mom, her hubby Tim, my brother Justin, Lenette, her hubby Tim, their kiddos C and B, my mother and father in law Linda and Ed, and Keith, Parker, and myself! :-) It was a full house and it filled my heart! It was a perfect dinner and I couldn't have asked for a better day! 
Happy Thanksgiving from the Geels Family!
My boys had to wear their Broncos hats :-)

My very best friend!

My mother and father in law with their grandchildren! (missing 2 sweet kiddos)

Tim is carving that yummy deep fried turkey that Keith made! 

My sweet baby playing and having fun!

My Mom and her hubby Tim!

My Bubba!! 

Waiting on the food to be ready!

Nana feeding Parker!

Parker feeding Nana! Hehehe

A little guitar playing is a must around here :-)

Justin fell asleep! 

Parker with Nana and Pops!

Laying with Uncle Justin! This was SO precious! 
 Thank you Lord for my family and friends! I am so blessed and thankful for this life you have chosen for me! 

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