Sunday, November 24, 2013

Why Yes, I Did Blog!

In case you would like to know what we have been up to . . . 

  • We are still working hard on Parker's potty training business. He is doing fantastic! He is even wearing undies at home! Still wearing pullups out and about but we are about to start undies at school too because he doesn't have accidents there (unless he goes poo)! That part is his trouble area.
  •  Kindergarten has been crazy busy while we prepare for our BIG Thanksgiving Program! Rehearsing with 130 kinders every day is exhausting to say the least! Love it so much though! We perform for our school tomorrow and for parents/families on Tuesday!
  • We spent a relaxing weekend with Lenette and family and she took some family pictures of us! *See blog header for a few
  • Parker's vocabulary has exploded. Like seriously! He is putting together 3 and 4 words to make small sentences! 
  • We took Parker to a truck pull and he had a blast! We love us some country fun!
  • On Veterans Day, my brother, aunt, and cousin came in uniform to visit my class and make American Flags with them! 
  • I am currently obsessed with Grey's Anatomy!!! I have never watched it and decided to start at the beginning and wowzers, I'm in love! Confession: I have stayed up way too late a few times on school nights to watch a few episodes. 
  • Parker got a haircut that makes him look like such a big boy. He needs to stop growing. 
  • Yesterday, I spent the most amazingly fun day with my mom, grandma, and aunt! We haven't had a girls shopping day with all 4 of us in so, so long! It was perfect. And hilarious!
  • Only 2 more days of school and then it is Thanksgiving Break!!! 

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