Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day #3 - I'll Be There For You

Day 3 of the challenge is to post a picture of the cast of your favorite tv show. And the winner is: FRIENDS! It is the best show EVER! I am completely addicted! Any time I am feeling down I just pop in a FRIENDS dvd and I laugh A LOT! I was so sad when the last season came to an end!


Keith is amazing and knows me well. He bought me the entire set of the show! All 10 Seasons!!! I can have some FRIENDS any time I want!


  1. I love Friends too! PS your blog design is super cute and congrats on getting married. Marriage is awesome!
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog where I put the "truth on blast" ha. Nice to know I am not in all this alone. Lookin forward to getting to know you better:)

  2. I LOVE Friends!!! And I've been wanting to do this picture challenge too... but haven't started it yet. Thanks for stopping by Truly Lovely!!! I'm excited to meet another June bride!!! I have a wedding blog too. You should check it out... I'll add you to my engaged friends blog roll!

  3. so you're gonna visit and bring the WHOLE series and we'll have a marathon!!

    Pivot!! Pivot!!! Pivot!!!

  4. I cried on the final episode!! I HATED THAT THEY stopped the show! HATED WITH A PASSION!! :(

    I used Regina Falangee as an alias once at a bar. just for fun! haha!!

  5. Oh my gosh Jill, that is HILARIOUS!!! I am so down for the Marathon!!! :-)

  6. I love FRIENDS! I still laughing at the jokes and goofs! :D


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