Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day #4 - Pic of My Night

Day 4 of the challenge is to post a picture of my night. Well, my nights are pretty much the same every night! Keith works at night so I am home alone. (Unless our roommate is home - he is moving out in June) So I spend the evening blogging away on the laptop, reading a good book, and watching some of my favorite TV shows! It's very relaxing! I try to go to bed early too! 

The current book I'm reading is Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin. I really like it! I have the sequel too, Something Blue. That will be next! :-) 

My tv show last night was American Idol. I absolutely love this show! I have so many great memories of Idol Nights with my Bestie! Even though we aren't able to do that now, I still remember! We would have a pajama party every Tuesday night and eat breakfast food for dinner!! Good Times! And her kiddos were getting to the age where they loved the show too and they are sooo into it now! 


  1. That sounds like a lovely evening! :) So what are these books about? Should I be reading them? :)

  2. I really miss our American Idol nights too! *tear* Miss ya!

  3. Kassi, this one I'm on now is about a girl who falls in love with her best friends fiance! I love it so far! Also, you should read the Bride Quartet Series by Nora Roberts if you haven't already! SO GOOD!!! Bridal Fever is in the building! :-)

  4. I'm a computer evening kind of gal as well. Hubby is normally playing video games or at his friends house, the daughter is being crazy playing with her toys and I get to spend my few hours after I get off work on here :)

  5. that's pretty much what my night's look like too! blogging, blogging, blogging! New follower! You're getting married exactly one month after me!


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