Friday, February 25, 2011

A Little Scare

This morning I woke up to some blood. It really scared me. In a way I was almost sure it was just spotting and no big deal but on the other hand I was deathly afraid it was the beginning of a miscarriage. I called my Dr's office and they wanted me to come in for an ultrasound. That drive up there (an hour away) was indescribable. I wanted to assure myself it was okay but I was too scared to be okay. The ultrasound was amazing. I got to see my sweet little baby that is growing so well. I could even see his/her heart beating before we listened. That is the BEST sound I have EVER heard!!! 

I also met my doctor for the first time and I love him! I'm really happy with my choice and I know it will make this process even better! He said that the baby and everything looks completely normal. Although we are not out of the woods for having a miscarriage just yet, hearing a heartbeat this far long does lower the chances dramatically. I'm one happy girl! Now I can rest this weekend and not worry or stress. 

I love my sweet little baby!!!


  1. That's my sweet niece/nephew!!!! I can't wait! Love you Jessica!

  2. Oh yay!!! First pic of the new little one!!! Congrats!!! So glad everything was ok!

  3. My first u/s was super early as well, and I couldn't get over how amazing it was to see that little blob with a heartbeat! LOL.

  4. Hi there, over from FTLOB. So glad your baby is ok!!!!!!!

  5. Girl you better take care of yourself first and foremost! If mommy is healthy, baby will be healthy.

    Keep exercising, just be careful about duration and intensity. Listen to your body. TAKE YOUR PRENATAL VITAMINS! Make sure you're getting plenty of rest and water.

    Now I'm sure I sound like your mother. ha ha.

    It's hard for me to rest 24/7. I've never been a person to lounge around all the time, but my body has been making me shut down quite a bit to get the rest it needs to heal correctly.

    Have a good weekend pretty!

  6. Hope everything goes well with your baby. :)
    Stopping by from FTLOB.

  7. how cute Jess.... I love ultra sound pics. Can't wait to see more. Are you finding out what the sex is or going to be making it a surprise?

  8. How sweet!! I'm glad nothing was wrong. I imagine that was a huge scare.

  9. Just seeing this, a little late. Glad everything is ok, still praying for you all.


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