Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Can I Take a Nap?

The past week I have been so tired and exhausted. I know that is very normal in the early part of pregnancy. I am barely making it through the day at work without wanting to curl up with the kiddos and take a nap. When I've been getting home I am too scared to take a nap because I really don't think I will wake up before morning! I have had zero energy to do anything in the evening. I haven't blogged in forever, I hope you can forgive me! I'm hoping that I will soon move out of the exhausted stage and have a bit more "get up and go!" 

This weekend I was looking at some different baby websites and each website was telling me that I was farther along than I had originally thought. I was under the impression that I was supposed to start counting weeks after the date we had conceived. That put me at 4 weeks. So these websites are telling me I'm 6 weeks and I wanted to know why. This was my answer thanks to babiesonline

 "A full term pregnancy lasts 40 weeks (280 days), broken down into 13-week trimesters, starting from the first day of your last menstrual period. That's right, you haven't even conceived in what physicians consider to be the first two weeks of pregnancy. You might as well get used to this idea now: Your first day of pregnancy is the first day of your last menstrual period. Ovulation usually occurs two weeks after that, and most women conceive during that time. So as if thinking you may be growing a human being inside of you isn't confusing enough, you are already two weeks pregnant on the day you conceive!"

Yes, very confusing and surprising for sure! I can't believe that I didn't know this!!! So, if this information is right then I am actually right around 7 weeks. WOW! I have my first Doctors appointment on March 10th. I really wish that it was closer than two weeks. I am really nervous about having a miscarriage. I think I will feel a lot better when I am able to hear the heartbeat and know that sweet little baby is okay! If you don't mind, please keep the baby and I in your prayers! 


  1. I never knew that, either! That's so interesting! And I will most definitely keep you and your baby in my prayers. Your appointment is two days before my birthday. :)


  2. When I first was pregnant, the doctor told me that women are actually 10 months pregnant... the first month just doesn't count... isn't that crazy? I never knew that before he told me.
    The tiredness will pass once you hit the second trimester.... I thought about posting a post all about my pregnancy because mine was a bit different then anyone else I have ever known and the way I delivered my daughter was one I have yet to hear the same story from anyone else. Lets just say, next pregnancy, I hope it goes different :)
    But you will be great. And I'm thinking about ya. Can't wait to start seeing baby bump pics in the future sweetie :)

  3. Yep, being tired, totally normal. Just hang in there and rest when you can. Your body is growing a human, you need the rest!

    I will definately keep you and the baby in my prayers!

  4. Hey friend!

    I hope you get a lot of rest and find some energy! I'm sure you are also tired of being tired!

    It is so nice having the family take care of me. But I am still super sore. It'll be nice to get back into the routine of school though.

  5. I can only imagine how tired you must be. Hang in there and You are in my thoughts! Very interesting that babiesonline thing...heading over to kinderland now!

  6. Yeah this confused me too ;) I still don't think it makes sense!


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