Our Love in Pictures

 Our 1st Anniversary!
On Mother's Day!
This man makes me so indescribably happy!! 

At Keith's nephews birthday party!

On Veteran's Day! Keith came to read and visit with my students!

At my cousin, Blaze's Senior Night!

Being goofy! This is us in our true form! LOL! 

Under the St. Louis Arch waiting on the Fireworks!
Happy New Years Day!!!

We just got home from our Christmas Adventure and about to put up/decorate our Tree!

At the TOP of the St. Louis Arch!
At Keith's Niece and Nephews B-Day Party!
My sweet love! :-)
The St. Louis Zoo was AMAZING!!!


  1. You two look so cute together!!! Congratulations and I can't wait to see the wedding pics!!!

  2. I love all the pics. You guys are adorable. Isn't the STL zoo cool? I'm from Missouri (but live in FL now) and when we went to visit my parents this past summer, we went to the zoo after we got off the plane and man, its huge. My legs were killing me afterward

  3. This so super cute! I lost a bunch of our pictures when my computer freaked out and it makes me so sad.


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