Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas is My Favorite!

We always decorate for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving! 
Parker was able to help and he is loving it! His favorites are the Christmas tree and the lights, anything that is "Claus" (he doesn't say Santa Claus, just Claus)! 

Here are a few memories from our day!

Parker helped hang A LOT of the ornaments this year! 

 Last year Keith hung lights around our living room. We loved it and decided to make it something we do every year! 

 This Mickey Mouse came all the way from Disney World! Thank you Aunt Net! 
 Parker's new ornaments this year: Woody from Mommy and Daddy, Claus from Nana and Pops!
 This one made my heart so happy last year! A grandparent of one of my students was so thoughtful! 
 This one is special to me! 
 Parker got these two for us! (Nana helped him)

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