Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Short Week & Winter Storms

So, I went to school on Monday while Keith took Parker to the Dr. He has another sinus infection. 
I stayed home with Parker on Tuesday.
Wednesday was my class's Pajama Day and we watched Christmas movies all day.
And then a winter storm moved in and we are out of school for Thursday AND Friday! 

Now that is a very short work week! 

Today, Parker and I enjoyed a fun, relaxing day!

 We watched the movie, Santa Paws! Parker just loves those puppies!

Something about this boy and this Christmas tree is just magical.
 The excitement is purely magical. 

Now, I'm settling in for an evening with some hot chocolate and Grey's Anatomy! I am in season 5 already :-) I will be having a late night waiting on hubby to make it safely home from work in this icy/snow storm. 

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