Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Eve with Pj's & Bronchitis

1st thing Christmas Eve morning, we were in the dr's office with Parker. He has bronchitis.
Our tradition of new jammies and watching Christmas movies worked out perfectly for us!

I'll be honest. Parker was so sick that when Keith got home to open presents, Parker didn't want to or care about it at all. 
We did open them because that is when we always will. But poor P baby wasn't nearly as excited as he would have been without the sickness.

 The only things he even cared about after opening was his army men, Bible, and Curious George of course.

 Poor baby just wanted to go to sleep!

Parker went to bed soon after opening our gifts. We've had some rough, sleepless nights with a boy who can't stop coughing. Thankfully the meds he was given were strong and he started feeling a little better the next day!

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