Saturday, October 30, 2010

Some New Toys!

We did a little shopping today and I got a few new clothes for winter and I also got a new Coach Purse! I have a huge addiction to these purses and it has been over a year since I have gotten a new one. Lately I have had the urge but hadn't really found the right one. Well, I found it today! I love it!!! It's pink but it isn't bright pink, it's more of like a purple/pink combo sort of! 

Keith found some new amps for his guitars. He has been practicing with some guys who may start a band and his equipment was a little behind theirs. He found these for a GREAT deal! He bought all 3 pieces (used) for less than what 1 piece would cost new!! Today we went to the music store and got him the cables needed to put this thing to use! It is so big that he had to rearrange his guitar room! Here is the updated room!

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