Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day #7 - Most Treasured Items

Day 7 of the photo challenge is to post a picture of your most treasured item. I have 3! (as of right now) 

Our Wedding Bands 
They symbolize the BEST thing that is happening in my life! 

My Wedding Dress
 I'm dying to show you and put pictures of it all over, but I will wait! 

My Pictures
 I am in the middle of a very important project to me. I'm scanning ALL of my childhood photos onto my computer where I then add them to an external hard drive. The external can be safely tucked away in our fire-safe box. I want to pass down my pictures to my children (and on and on) in a way that they can keep them forever in one place. I recently got A LOT of my Mom's childhood photos to scan as well. I was thrilled. 


  1. I can't wait to see your dress as well. So exciting. I'm not sure if you have heard of this site, but when I was wedding planning, I was totally obsessed with it.
    And I love your wedding rings. It looks almost identical to mine :)

  2. Love your rings... mine are really similar, but smaller :-)

    What a great idea with the pictures. I really need to do something like that. We still need to transfer our home movies from VHS to DVD!


  3. I think I have to agree with all three being the most treasured! Photos capture the very essence of those you love.

    Wedding Bands are an outward symbol of the love you carry for your life-mate.

    And who wouldn't love keeping their Wedding Dress as a reminder of the day that you and your partner vowed to love one another forever? Still have mine. And I think I can still wear it. (=

  4. I love the new layout girl! I finally added to you my sidebar of my all time fav blogs!!! :)

  5. Aww! Thanks Rebecca!!! I need to add you to my sidebar too! I've been playing around with a ton of layouts lately and I think I have actually found the one I want to keep!

  6. very nice surprise on the wedding dress!
    Be sure to upload pictures of your wedding day. :)

  7. Thanks for all the love today girls!! I will be sure to post TONS of pictures of the wedding and the dress! 142 more days!

  8. Hey! Our dresses look EXACTLY the same! Haha... well in the garment bag from David's Bridal kind of way... heehee.

  9. Kassi I can't wait to see yours!!!


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