Sunday, January 30, 2011

Color Splash Sunday

It is Color Splash Sunday with Artistically Amy
This is my first time to link up with her and I'm pretty excited! You should check it out!
 Here is the picture I am submitting! :-) 

This is Keith and I with our B-Boy! (Keith's nephew)

Before picture


  1. Hi Jessica! Welcome to CSS! I'm glad to hear that you are excited about linking up. I hope you'll join us every Sunday! :)

    This photo is perfect for selective coloring! It really puts the focus on the little Spiderman. ;)

    Also, thanks for following! I am now following back.

  2. Now that pic is too cute. My daughter's hero is Spiderman. She would go crazy over this photo. Good work and great photo

  3. I saw this color splash somewhere else today, how cool!! Great pic


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