Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Spirit

Watching the Christmas spirit through the eyes of my 2 yr old is absolutely priceless! He is so excited and filled with so much joy for all things Christmas! Candy canes, Claus, snowmen, presents, Christmas trees, lights, reindeer, jingle bells, and Curious George Christmas. And yesterday during our church's Christmas program, he got so excited to see baby Jesus and was singing along with all the songs! (humming along and singing made up words!)

Standing in front of our tree & playing jingle bells on his guitar!

We have watched "Christmas Monkey" so many, many, many, many times! Like everyday! He LOVES it!!!

My last week at school before break was filled with lots and lots of fun activities. We took all 130 kindergartners to the movies to see Frozen and it was so good! We made ornaments, ate tons of goodies, and had a book exchange with each other! My kinderkiddos had a blast! 

Parker and I went to the Christmas Parade and he loved it! Parker waved and said Merry Christmas to all the floats/people passing by! He wasn't a big fan of the honking from the fire trucks but he was totally loving everything else! I love making these memories with him!! 

We made goodie bags for all his friends in his class for their Christmas party!

All ready to go to his Party!

They made jingle bell necklaces and this made him very happy! 

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