Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bear with Me

Tonight is brought to you from a heartbroken, tired, and a stressed/excited state of mind so please bear with me. 

A friend of mine and Keith's took his life yesterday afternoon. He left his wife, mother, sister, niece, and so many other friends and family. 

I teach with his mom and grew up with his sister.

I cried multiple times today during teacher in-service. 

I don't think suicide prevention videos was the way to go today during in-service.

I can't imagine their hearts hurting the way they do. You shouldn't lose your baby. It tears me to pieces.

Tomorrow is open house for the upcoming school year. I think my room is ready. I just stared and looked around this afternoon.

I am truly looking forward to meeting all my students and their families tomorrow night. 

I held a teeny baby today and Parker wasn't a fan. Looks like we aren't ready for #2 yet.

I needed chocolate badly tonight so we made brownies. Parker stirred and licked up some leftover batter. And he had a small-ish piece before bed. And he had so much fun.

We aren't promised tomorrow. Cherish every moment you have. 

Hug your babies. Tell them how much you love them every single day. No matter their age. 

Pray for those who are hurting. Pray for those who have lost. Pray. 

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