Sunday, September 1, 2013

School Life

Kindergarten is back in session! Every year comes with delights, challenges, and struggles. I am looking forward to what this year brings! We added a 7th kindergarten teacher the second week of school. Whoa! Our little town is growing!!

It's back to that time where I miss my baby boy terribly. I can't believe that we have started planning his 2nd Birthday Party! It is going to be construction trucks!! He loves trucks and this is going to be perfect for him! 

Props to my Mom for finding all kinds of party goodies at Hobby Lobby for his theme! Less for this Momma to have to search for! 

We are still potty training P and he does so well. He is a potty pro at his sitters but he tends to throw some fits at home. He mostly wants to do it all by himself! That's fine with me! 

This weekend has been perfect so far! Spent the day with my Mom, Grandma, and Brother on Saturday and had the bestie and family here all day today! Tomorrow we are grilling with some friends here at the house! 


Happy Labor Day Y'all! 

Oh yea, I am looking forward to linking up with Rebecca tomorrow for The Mom Diaries!! You should check it out!

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  1. awww... a second birthday already? Where did the time go? I bet you do miss him. It's hard getting to be with them and then having to leave. I love the theme for his party though. Can't wait to hear and see the photos and all about it!


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