Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's Almost Spring Break

1. This week in my kindergarten classroom, we have been leaving pictures for our sneaky lucky leprechaun! He comes and visits the room during the night, takes their pictures, and leaves the students a little surprise. He told us that if we made him awesome pictures every day, he would leave us a Pot of Gold on Friday! I CANNOT wait to see their excitement when they walk in the room tomorrow!!!

2. Tomorrow is the last day before Spring Break. This teacher is so stoked to spend an entire week home sweet home with her hubby and baby boy! 

3. Over Spring Break I will be seeing lots of family! My best friend and her family will be here this weekend, spending Monday with my brother and his fiance, Wednesday with my Mom and Grandma, and every other day I plan on staying home or close to home! 

4. The weather here is supposed to continue to be amazing for awhile. Parker just loves, loves, loves to be outside. I think we might move his {huge} outside toy to the backyard this weekend. It's currently taking up half of his room - no lie!

5. Since the time change, Parker has been going to bed so easily and right at 7:00. He seems so exhausted and is just ready to sleep after his bath. I love this!

Love my silly, sweet, crazy haired boy!

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