Friday, March 15, 2013

17 Months

Size 18-24 month clothes
Size 4 shoes
Size 3 diapers (about to move you to size 4)
 You have a new top tooth! And it's towards the back! You have a few more trying to come through as well.
 New Words: aw man, grilled cheese
New Foods: olives, pickles 
 Favorite Toys: trucks/cars and hot wheels
Daddy started your hot wheel collection with about 30 cars and a carrying case. You are in LOVE! 
Favorite Foods: Well you eat non-stop sweet boy but bananas still remain your all time favorite! You also love grilled cheese, soup, pickles, apple sauce, and so much more!
 You have been so thrilled with the warmer weather because you adore being able to play outside!
 You have started making different types of collections when we play outside: sticks, pine cones, leaves, and pine needles. You pick them up and bring them back to the pile. :-) 
 Your most favorite thing right now is trucks. Looking at trucks, playing with trucks, being in a truck, seeing trucks while we drive, etc. . . So, when it comes to being in the house, you insist on sitting or standing on the couch looking out the windows at the passing trucks. 
 You put your juice, snacks, and toys in the windowsill so that everything you need is right there with you while you are truck watching!
I have so much love for you baby boy! You have the cutest, sweetest personality! Always wanting to play and be silly. There is never a dull moment when you are around and you make our life so enjoyable. Mommy and Daddy love you so much Parker!!!

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