Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Start of Our Spring Break

For starters: Happy St. Patrick's Day!

My Family of 3!
My boys! 
This weekend was the beginning of Spring Break! Yay! And being with family {best friend} is the perfect way to start! 
Who is so lucky that their best friend ends up being their Sister in Law?! We are!!!
Tim and Lenette stayed with us Saturday night and we stayed up really late watching the UFC fights. 
So. Many. Funny. Memories! 

Sunday they went and got their kiddos from Grandmas and we all hung out and ate at our house. We had a very packed house with Lenette's family, Grandma and Pop Pop, Kevin (Keith's twin), and the three of us of course! 

I adore watching C and B play with Parker. We have always been so close to those babies as they have grown into amazing kiddos! And to see them love my little one and be a part of his life, it's too good for words. <3

Me and B
The many faces of me and my C!

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