Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Early Morning, a Few Tears, and Tubes for my Baby

At 6:15 early Monday morning we arrived at the Surgical Center. Filled out all the paperwork and it was time to go back. Keith and I were able to go back with him during the beginning where they checked his heartbeat and other assorted things. Nurses were in and out explaining how everything was going to go. Our Dr. came in to check in with us and let us know it was about time. A really nice nurse came to get Parker. He was not a happy camper. Neither was I. It was awful having to watch them take him away. Keith and I sat in the waiting room until it was over. It was seriously only like 10 minutes. They came and got us and we went back to him. He woke up from the anesthesia in a very, very bad mood. He was throwing himself around all directions. He did not want to be held. He did not want me. He did not want daddy. He did not want his apple juice. This was by far the hardest part. The nurses promised me he would feel so much better after a nap. We were able to leave after the nurses got just a little bit of juice down him. He had a bottle on the way home and then fell asleep. After we got home, all 3 of us laid down for about a 2 hour nap. And let me tell you, we all needed it. Parker woke up in a great mood!
He seems to be doing much better! His sleeping at night is getting better little by little!
Now here comes a picture overload . . . 
Having a good time in the bed!! 

Mommy's boy!

Taking my baby. . .

After the tubes, on the way home.  
Sweet, sleepy boy

After his nap!

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