Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tubes & More

It has been a rough few weeks. Parker had to see an ENT because his ear infections just won't stop. The Dr. said tubes were a must. So, Monday is the day. We are praying this will finally bring our sweet boy some relief. And maybe, just maybe, we can all start sleeping again. . . 

P hasn't slept much through the night because he is in pain. At first, I would sit in the recliner and rock him while he was laying on me. But I became a zombie. This Momma needs sleep too. So, I started bringing him into our bed after he would wake up. He will prop his head up on my arm or pillow and sleep the rest of the night. I don't sleep good that way but at least I'm getting to doze on and off. 

In other news:
* I got a new iphone 4s and the most adorable case! Yay!!
* I am planning Parker's 1st Birthday Party and so far I have received his party hat, centerpiece, and banners! The Birthday Shirt is on the way! 
* His invitations have been mailed and most have already arrived at their destination! :-) 
* The weather has been cooler this week and I love it
* Parker has random moments of not wanting to eat real food. I think he doesn't like to chew if his ears are bothering him. I made him shells 'n cheese tonight and I threw in some tuna and peas. Well, he loved it! 
* Hubby, Parker, and I tried a new church that is just down the road. Not completely sure it's the right church yet but we are going to try it again this Sunday. 
* Feeling very lucky and blessed to have my sweet boy. So many friends of mine have suffered from miscarriages and I just can't imagine. 

 His Invitation!!!
My Aunt is going to make this cake!!!


 Helping Mommy! 

Big boy carseat! 

Go Hogs! WPS!

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  1. So, I forgot to mention that I LOVE your hair wavy! I got the invitation in the mail today! You guys need to come to The Journey!!! :D


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