Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2 Month Check-Up

Today was Parker's 2 month check-up with Dr. P
He was so happy to be there and just talked and smiled for all the nurses
He weighs 10.13 pounds and 22.75 inches long
I can't believe how fast and how much he is growing
Poor baby had to have his shots. He cried so hard but not for too long. He fell asleep in my arms while we waited in the waiting room. He has done pretty good today. He was a little upset when we got home but after he ate he went right back to sleep! We go back again when he is 4 months.


  1. oh poor baby. shots are never fun. Except my daughter begs the doctor for shots. I don't know whats wrong with this kid. But Parker is too cute and hopefully the 4 months goes a little easier for him then the 2 month checkup did

  2. Boo for shots, but love his cute chubber thighs! Aiden always got scooby doo bandaids ;)


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