Saturday, December 10, 2011

2 Months Old

Happy 2 Months sweet baby boy! 
This Month:
You weigh 10.5lbs
You are now in size 1 diapers
You grew out of your bassinet and now sleep in your pack n play
You grew out of most of your newborn clothes
You had your first Thanksgiving
You have a lot of tummy time
You now love your swing and can be in it for hours
You talk/coo to us all the time
You smile so big (1st BIG smile was 11/23/11)
You can hold your head up for a long time
You are very interested in bright lights
You have Daddy/Son day on Mondays
You go to Ms. Jackie's on Tue-Fri
You smile at me when I pick you up from Ms. Jackie's
You had your 1st sickness: Double Ear Infections
You had your 1st shot (because of the ear infections)
You are going to see Santa today for the 1st time

You are the most amazing thing in Mommy and Daddy's life! There are no words to describe how much we love you! You melt our hearts with your smiles and coos! I can't wait to experience all the wonderful things you will do next month! Love you Parker baby!


  1. What a cute baby boy!! I love how you are documenting what you want to remember!!

  2. He's growing so fast. I wish I kept as detailed of a record as you did throughout your pregnancy and now. I had a lot of issues going on while pregnant and kinda got too depressed to do all these things. But its so much fun watching Parker grow

  3. So sweet! I miss those baby days sometimes! :)


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