Sunday, February 9, 2014

We are Still Here, I Promise!

My computer and I aren't getting along. And we haven't been for quite some time now. It decided to stop turning on right after Christmas. Frustrating!

Keith got it turned on today for me to make sure I had all our pictures saved onto my hard drive so that we can take the laptop to get fixed.

So here is our life lately:

  • Crazy cold winter! Lots of ice/snow storms. Lots of snow/ice days at home. Extra time with my Parker is wonderful!!!
  • Snow days at home now means no breaks throughout the rest of the school year other than Spring Break and each day we miss, we are tacking on to the end of the year. 
  • My brother has spent a few weekends here with us!
  • The Broncos lost the superbowl :-( but I still love Peyton Manning! 
  • Parker had yet another virus that caused him to miss a week of school. Huge thanks to hubby and Nana for helping me out so that I didn't miss the whole week! 
  • We had the 100th Day of School! My Kinders love this day so, so much!
  • Another winter storm is on its way. Possibly more snow days at home in our future. 
  • Had some wonderful visits with my bestie and Kevin & Veronica! 
  • Parker and his cousin Noah played and played during our visit. They are only 5 months apart and its precious to watch them play!!
  • Parker is still rocking the potty training business!
Nothing special has been going on but it has been a happy time! I've missed blogging and enjoyed the break at the same time!! Maybe I'll be back soon. Darn computer! 

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