Friday, October 11, 2013

My Parker Turned 2!

I cannot believe that our little baby is already 2 years old! This has been by far the best two years of my life! 
Keith and I both took the day off from work to spend it with our boy! 
It was a great day!!!
 Morning Breakfast! Cocoa Puffs for the birthday boy!
 We thought he would love some time to play at Chuck E Cheese. I thought wrong. Too loud. He did like playing with the "money" though! 

We did some shopping for his party supplies and got lots and lots of goodies!
We also spent quite awhile in Toys R Us letting Parker pick out a toy with his $20 from Aunt Vickie! He picked out a Buzz Lightyear that he has been wanting so badly! 
 Daddy & Parker
Yummy dinner at Dari Delight, a local favorite! 
 Happy Birthday, baby boy! Enjoy that ice cream cone! 
Mommy & Parker
 He ripped open his presents like a pro! 
 Hard hat with a light!

 Tool set like Daddy's!
 Very happy to have a hammer! 
 My lil construction worker!!!
A precious, perfect memory!
 3-Story Garage Parking for his many, many hotwheels!

And his Buzz! See the joy on his face?! 

We played until very late last night! It was a truly perfect day! 
We have his Construction Party on Sunday! Can't wait!

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  1. It's crazy to think that he is two years old already! Time has flown by so much. He looks like he got some really fun big boy toys to play with. We took my daughter to Chuck E Cheese on her second birthday too :) I think it's a law or something LOL


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