Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cooler Weather, Finally!

means A LOT of outside playing for us!! 
 My Momma made this pic for me. Thank you Momma, I needed this!!!
 This boy is in LOVE with his new boots!
 Such. A. Goof.

 Collecting rocks in his trucks!
 Oh this boy, he loves the lawn mower! He wants to help Daddy and Pop Pop mow all the time!
 Oh you know, just diggin. . . 
 This boy. My whole world. Light of my life. 

In other news, Parker is so incredibly happy at his new preschool! God blessed us beyond words when he provided us with this opportunity and I will thank Him daily! 
This was the first walk he went on with his class! Parker man leading the way! 

AND . . . 
Tomorrow is his last day as a 1 Year Old! Where exactly did the time go? 

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