Saturday, April 13, 2013

18 Months

 26 lbs and 32 & 1/2 in tall! 
18-24 month clothes
Size 5 or 6 shoes
Size 3 diapers (about to change to 4)
 You love this new spring weather and playing outside! You want to go out every day! 
You have 9 teeth now: 6 on top and 3 on bottom
 Favorite Toys: Trucks! and anything you can ride on. (bike, choo choo, and big semi truck)
 Favorite Foods: Bananas (still!), peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, goldfish (fishies), and nilla wafers 
You like to make animal sounds with Nana! Your favorites are woof woof, roar, and meow!
 Your new favorite outside toy is bubbles! And you want to do it all by yourself!
You love to wear hats!
 You are starting to learn so many words and you love to repeat what we say! Daddy taught you to say bootay!
You are learning to eat with a spoon by yourself and you love being so independent!
You are throwing quite the fit when you don't get your way: stomping, hitting the ground with your hands, and throwing things.
 You can play/entertain yourself for what seems like forever! 
You tell us when you go potty & poo and you are ready for your diaper to be changed. 
 You had your very first Easter Egg Hunts! 
Your favorite place to sit is still up in the living room windowsill above the couch!
You are all boy! You have bumps, scratches, and bruises from all your craziness! 
You are our Monkey Boy! Climbing anything and everything!

 You have become a little toddler that is so independent and playful. You love your trucks more than anything (other than mommy and daddy of course). You know what you want to play, eat, drink and you make sure and tell us what it is. You make us laugh all the time! You are such a silly boy! I can't believe how much you grow and learn every day! 
We love you baby!
Mommy & Daddy

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