Saturday, February 2, 2013

Upcoming February Fun

I just noticed that I only blogged twice in January! 
There hasn't been much of anything going on. 

Just school all day and evenings with Parker.
Parker is so much fun these days! I just love this stage we are in! 

I'm looking forward to some things coming up this month:
*Spending a whole day with my brother and future sister in law
*Date night with my hubby to watch A Good Day to Die Hard {i'm a ridiculously huge die hard fan}
*Spending an entire weekend with my best friend/SIL and family to help them move into their new house
*Winter Break at school which equals a 4 day weekend! 

Here are a few pics I haven't shared yet!

This was my 1st lil bike and now Parker gets to ride it too! :-) 

Parker and Daddy are silly!


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