Saturday, January 19, 2013

15 Months Old {a bit late}

12 -18 month clothes
Size 4 shoes
Size 3 diapers
New food loves: peanut butter fold-overs, waffles, big boy oatmeal
New words: tractor, thanks, brown bear, puppy, ba ball (basketball), juice
You give kisses and say "mwah" when you want to give them!
You ask "what's this?" to everything you pick up or look at
You carry around your toy phone up to your ear and just talk away
  You love to dance to music: shake your booty, spin circles, and move your arms around
You stomp your feet when you are mad
When I tell you no no, you point to your self
 You played in your first snow and ended up loving it!
You had a blast opening your Christmas presents
 Dada calls you his cheeser! 
When you are upset you cry, "Oh my Dada!" 
You insist on taking off your clothes as soon as we get home
 You love to climb everything: our bed, the couch, the tv stand etc . . .
Favorite toys: guitar, mickey mouse couch, basketball, abc train, all your cars/trucks, and books books books!

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  1. So big! OMG! AND CUTE!!! Soon he'll be in big boy undies!


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