Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weighing on My Mind & Heart

Parker. That little boy of mine. He has changed my world. And my life.

I used to plan my evenings. Who will I go see? What will we do? Now . . . I just go home to my baby.

Hubby works evenings/nights. It's just me and the boy during the week. 

Part could be "first time Momma" and part could be because it's just me and him but there is nothing I want more than to spend every moment with that boy. 

Is it wrong that I want to soak up every little bit before he grows up or before we add another baby to our family?

Every family is different. And every Momma does things differently. This is what works for me, Hubby, and our baby. When Hubby is home, Parker is a Daddy's boy. Period. There is no wanting Momma. None.

The other things in my life that used to hold high priority just don't quite seem to make it to the top of my list near as much. Is that wrong?

When I get the chance to go out - I want to go with my Hubby. I often miss him even though we live in the same house. 

When I blog, it's about Parker. I can't help it. That is my life now. Along with my twitter feed, and my facebook page, instagram, and any other social media I may be a part of. When I post anything, it's almost always about the boy or a picture of the boy. What he is doing. How he is smiling now. Climbing. Walking. It's all basically my online version of his baby book. 

I don't ask anyone to follow me. You are more than welcome to if you want. It's your choice. But you are going to see a lot of my boy. 

My posting insanity is a lot for me and a lot for my family who doesn't get to be around as much as they would like. It's a way for them to feel as if they are a part of his (and my) everyday life. 

Last night I was very worked up into a mess because I felt that I was wrong in how I am doing my new life as a Momma. I shouldn't ever feel that way. Ever. 

I won't feel bad ever again for spending so much time with my baby boy. He is only a baby once and I already miss so much while I'm away at work. And I won't ever again worry about being wrong. My heart cannot handle thinking that way. 

I am going to do exactly what feels good and right for me and my family. 

I hope you all can accept me because this is who I am now and I don't want to change. I have never been so happy. God has blessed me with an amazing Hubby and a baby boy that holds my heart in his. 

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  1. If you are wrong - then I am wrong! I am the same exact way! You are a good mom with the right priorities! Parker is adorable and I love hearing all about him :)


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