Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Night Ramblings

1. God has really been working in my heart. And it feels so amazing to be spending so much time with him again. Keith and I are still searching for a church home that fits us. It's out there and we will find it. Meanwhile, I'm doing a daily devotional with She Reads Truth and God is so good at providing the exact words I need to hear. 

2. Parker is walking and I mean everywhere! He even walked down our entire hallway. It blows my mind at how quickly he is growing up into such a sweet, happy toddler. 

3. He is also a climber. His favorite place to be is standing in our windowsill. Yep, I have my hands full. This boy is going to run me around all over the place. And I love every second of it!

4. I am starting a two week unit on Arkansas History with my Kindergarten class. They love this unit and learning all of the state symbols. I always look forward to it! 

5. Wednesday night is Halloween. Parker and I will be attending Boo at the Zoo at my school's Agri Dept! They have a petting zoo, games, food, and candy for the children/families that come. It's a nice and safe environment to go and I like to support them. The lil man will be wearing the cutest dragon costume!

6. My prayers are with the east coast right now. It is such a scary storm. 


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  1. #1 makes me so happy :) I was going to ask you to join our IG Bible study group but I saw you were doing this one... love these groups for women to study together!


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