Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sleeping Update

It's safe to say that Parker was very spoiled to me rocking him any/every time he wanted to sleep. He is taking a bit longer to adjust but there is improvement!

Night time is a lot easier for him because he has been sleeping in his crib but I had rocked him first. We are down to about 10 minutes of crying/whimpering before he falls asleep.

Naps have been tough. Very. Tough. 
I have always rocked him during every nap, the entire time he slept. I will never do that again. He has cried and so have I. 
Today was the best nap day so far. He took 2 naps in his crib and one was for 1 1/2 hours! He is crying about 20 minutes still. 

It's been a pretty stinky week here. On top of trying to teach P to fall asleep on his own, he has double ear infections. This ended up probably being the worst week to start sleep training. He doesn't feel good and really wants his Momma. 

Thankfully, we are making progress. I think we will both survive. I am very ready for him to not cry at all! 

Here are a few cute pictures that never made it on the blog! :-)

 Look at those amazingly beautiful blue eyes!!!


  1. Poor Parker! Just keep with it though, hopefully it will get better! Just think, since I am childless, you are helpin' me out for the future! :D

  2. It is tough. Believe me, I know how you feel. My child always needed to be rocked and still never fell asleep. She has never been much of a sleeper. No naps or sleeping through the night. It took her until she was almost 4 years old to finally sleep decent through the night. And she still sleeps in my bed {thank her daddy for that never letting her sleep in her own room or anything} so I'm hoping once the new baby comes, she may transition to her own room. Otherwise, it will be the four of us crammed into a small bedroom. Ugh..... But anyway, enough about me....I hope Parker starts sleeping more for you and hopefully those ear infections get better asap


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