Sunday, May 20, 2012


On May 15th, just 5 days after he turned 7 months, Parker crawled!!! He has been scooting around for weeks now but he is finally doing it the real way. He will follow me anywhere and everywhere I go. It's so cute! And he is so thrilled when he finds me! :-) Here is a video of one of the first times! He would only go a few steps!

Parker has been having ear infections after ear infections since he was born. This last time the Dr wanted us to come back on the last day of his antibiotic to make sure he is actually getting rid of the infection. He had, which is great but also means that he keeps getting new ones. I'm sure tubes will be in our future at some point. Well the point of that story was to actually say that when we went and got the antibiotics he weighed 16.6 lbs and ten days later (literally, ten days) he weighed 18.2 lbs!! Wow! He also grew 1/2 an inch! He is now 26 inches long! 

Other than his ear infections, he is such a healthy, growing boy who loves to eat and play! 
Here are just a few fun pictures from playing outside!

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