Saturday, May 19, 2012

Catching Up

It's so, so easy to get behind. The last few weeks of school are beyond busy. When I get home and would just love to crash, I have my sweet angel who demands my full attention. Since my hubby works nights, it's just me and P in the evenings. I wouldn't change a single second of my life with Parker though!!! So there is often no time for blogging. 

So I will begin the pictures that have went on the past few weeks! :-) Life is good!
My 1st Mother's Day! 

Bath time has become so much fun! He loves it!

He is over the moon about his Daddy!

 Daddy bought him a race track!

Nana feeding him lunch! 
 Laughing at Nana!

AND . . .
My brother proposed to Dani!!!!
 Beautiful ring he picked out all by himself!
We are so excited for Dani to be part of our family {officially}! 

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