Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend & More

This last weekend we had a special family visit us! The lovely Sparacino's! :-) 
Aunt Lenette, Uncle Tim, and cousins C and B had to come get some Parker love! 
Thanksgiving is the perfect time to be with family and count all our many blessings!

C-girl is without a doubt, totally in love with Parker! She was all about helping and playing with him. Unless helping included poopy diapers or spit up! Hehe!
The big Arkansas vs. LSU game was on Friday and we felt it was a perfect time to take an awesome family shot of us in our GO HOGS gear! Even though we lost this game, the Razorbacks have had an amazing season and I'm super proud to be Hog Fan! 
Since it's almost Christmas, we needed to send out Christmas cards. Lenette took some family pictures of us to go on our card. I am in love with all the pictures she took! 


  1. What a sweet little family you have! The pictures all came out great!!!

  2. Okay so I have a confession... I kind of forgot you had a blog, lol! I am loooving the pics, and promise I will get you settled into my reader so I never forget again, haha.


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