Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day #24 - Too Far Away

Day 24 of the photo challenge is to post a picture of something I wish I could change. My best friend recently moved 2 hours away. Although we have adjusted pretty well, I still miss her! I can't just zip over to her house for a few hours when I'm missing her or the kiddos. We now pretty much get 1 weekend a month when Keith and I go spend the entire weekend with them. These weekends are great! So, I wish I could change the distance between us! Keith and I have been honestly thinking about moving closer one of these days so maybe I can change it soon enough! :-)  
I live here, in Scranton.

Bestie lives here, in Bentonville.

We live 2hrs 4mins away! That's 124.62 miles! Hehe, I used MapQuest. :-) 


  1. Oh wow Scranton, PA? I live 2 hours south of Scranton.


  2. My best friend lives almost 4 hours away so I know how you feel!!

    Oh yeah, I gave you a few awards on my blog!


  3. Elizabeth, I actually live in Scranton, AR.

    Thanks bunches Rachel!!! :-)


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