Friday, January 14, 2011

Who's Pumped?!

I AM!!! It's a 3 Day Weekend, every teachers dream! :-) 

This weekend is going to be jam-packed and fun-filled. Tomorrow Keith and I are finally getting our cell phones in a contract together. Since we are staying with my account, we have been waiting for his contract to be up. Tomorrow night is Date Night with my man! We haven't been out in while just the two of us for a date, so I'm excited. I know we are going to see a movie but I'm not actually sure what is playing so we will just pick one when we get there. 

On Sunday we are making a trip up the Spara-Scenic Route to see my bestie/sister-in-law (future hehe). It has been since Christmas since we last seen them and I was dying for some girl time! Plus, we get to visit with the cutest children EVER! Speaking of those children, I need to get to Walmart and buy B-boy a Pre-School workbook like the one I bought his sister! He wants to learn too and informed his momma that I would buy him one! :-)) Anyways . . . Keith and I are staying Sunday night, which will be date night with my Bestie, and coming home on Monday. Keith plays guitar and has a buddy he likes to jam with. His friend works out of town so they are only able to do it when he is home. It has been quite some time since they were able to get together so I know Keith is looking forward to it! 

Monday night I'll be gearing back up for another work week in KinderLand! I'm lucky to have a life I love and a job I treasure!!! 

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