Sunday, October 3, 2010

Upside Down

This past week has truly turned life upside down. My best friends Mother-in-Law passed away this past Wednesday. This is Keith's Niece and Nephew's Nan. She will be truly missed by so many. This weekend the family is all together and preparing for her funeral, beginning to clean out her house, and getting all the business in order. This is such a difficult time for them right now. Lenette, her husband Tim (it was his mom), and the two kiddos are staying with Keith and I this weekend because the family and services are closer to us than to them in Bentonville. Keith has had drill and Tim and Lenette have been with the family so it has just been the kids and I at home. I am trying to keep them busy and have as much fun as possible. We have enjoyed playing hot wheels, my little pony, make over, and a nice tea party or two. We have also "camped out" in our sleeping bags during the movies Monsters Inc and The Land Before Time. There is a City Park very close to our house so yesterday and today we took a nice walk to the park and had some fun! Here are a few pics of our time at the park!

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