Friday, September 6, 2013

Happy Weekend

Yay! We love us some weekends! :-) 
1st off, I have to show you P's construction party invitations!!!
I'm so happy with it!

Hubby has drill this weekend so he zonks out early every night for those very early formations and Parker is sound asleep in his bed. I'm fixing to watch some America's Next Top Model and paint my finger nails! I got some new polish, pink wink and a silver bling for a few fingers. It's the little things! 

My Mom and Grandma are coming to visit tomorrow and I'm going to run to school to get some things ready for the week. {Kindergarten never sleeps} 

Oh! I was asked to be a mentor to our new kindergarten teacher! It's an honor being asked and I am ready to take it on. I was also a mentor last year for an ABC preschool teacher. 

Hope you all have a great, fun, awesome, and relaxing weekend! 

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