Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wild Wilderness Safari

We had one rainy day while visiting the family but the very next day we were right back to our fun! We went to a drive through Safari! WOW! This was mine and Parker's first time and I just couldn't believe it. There were so. many. animals! They just walked around and would come right up to our windows! We drove forever! WOW! After you are totally amazed, they even have a very big walk through safari as well!!! We were in animal heaven! 
 He loved looking at the deer!
 He wasn't so sure about this guy!

 The boys!
 Holding on to me for dear life! He did NOT want them to touch him! Lol!
 Walking with Aunt Net! 
 Parker kept saying "bites" because the turtle was eating the grass! 

 He saw a tractor and just had to go see it! 

My little monkey looking at the monkeys! 

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