Saturday, June 29, 2013

Whoa . . .

So, I'm still here! 
Life went crazy for a bit and I loved every second of it! Just didn't have any time to blog it! 

~My 6th year of teaching ended
~Parker turned 20 months
~We got our {only} bathroom remodeled
~Hubby had his military 2 week annual training during which:
~Father's Day
~Parker and I stayed 5 entire days with my bestie/SIL and her family
~The same SIL's kiddos (my niece and nephew) stayed 4 days with me while her and her hubby went to Vegas for their 10 year Anniversary
~Keith and I had our 2 year Anniversary
~Parker and I played outside whenever the weather wasn't killer
~I reorganized and rearranged multiple rooms in the house
~Hubby came home! 

It has been a crazy few weeks! It was so much fun! Being with my best friend's family was like being on vacation. They took us to some awesome places and we did a ton of fun things that we don't have back home! I did the same with her two kiddos! 

I can't wait to share our adventures with you! Watch out for picture overload! 

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