Saturday, March 9, 2013

Who Had a Busy Day?

We did! 

Okay, so a few weeks ago the top little button on my iphone quit working. Man, you don't realize how much you like something until it goes away. I was not happy about this. So Hubby made us an appointment at the apple store and today we made the 2 hour trek that direction!
{Parker is such an awesome baby boy! He didn't fuss at all. Not on the drive or in the stores!}

Apple replaced my broken phone with a brand new one! Thank you warranty! 

Since the store was in a Promenade, we headed on over to Crazy 8. This place is one of my favs to get Parker's clothes. He got a pair of jean shorts, khaki shorts, and 3 short sleeved t-shirts. His summer wardrobe is now beginning. Oh, and we had to buy the next size up. 
18-24 months. He is growing!

We then had a nice little lunch at Chik-Fil-A before we stopped by the Guitar Center. 
Hubby and Parker love guitars.
Like seriously LOVE!  Those 2 were in guitar heaven.
 And when we spotted the keyboards/pianos, Parker just had to try them out. 

Our journey continued to the military base where Hubby bought a lot of patches/stripes for his dress uniform. They have new dress uniforms now and his old patches needed updated! Plus he had earned a few more things! Proud of my Hubby! 

The ride home went a little faster it seemed like. We had a pit stop at Dairy Queen for dinner. It was so good! Then we hit the back roads the rest of the way and looked at houses and just enjoyed the drive! It was a good {long} day and we were all very glad to be home! 


  1. I would live at the Promenade if they would let me...Little Rock OR Rogers! :D

  2. Crazy 8 is awesome! I get a lot of Noah and Ryan's clothes there too! Such cute, good quality things for a good price!


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