Monday, March 4, 2013

Mommy & Parker Weekend

Hubs left for his monthly drill early Friday morning. So it was me and Parker all weekend!

Friday Night
We are happy it's finally the weekend! 
Playing on the bed!

He decided Mickey Mouse needed a new truck
 Yummy banana cheeks! :-) 
On Saturday, we went to walmart for a few things and we also went out to eat at one of my favorite little places, Diamond Drive-In. I had a delicious hot fudge/peanut butter shake! Parker ate an entire grilled cheese!

 A little morning ride on his bike
 Waiting on Daddy's convoy to make a pit stop. He was SO excited to see his Dada! He had a mouthful and was dancing in this picture, lol! 

 My heart melts! Finally with his Daddy!

 Afternoon snuggles! I love rocking him!
 He puts his snacks in the windowsill so that he can eat while watching for trucks! So precious!
Mommy and her boy!

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