Monday, December 3, 2012

Military Christmas Dinner

I love this time of year! At home with my family and also at school with my kindergartners! It's just great! At school we are converting our hallway into a gingerbread village! 
At home, Parker is just all about the Christmas decorations. The tree is by far his favorite! He plays with the ornaments and tries quite often to add his toys to our tree. He also loves the singing Santa that Nana got him, the outside lights, and our special T'was the Night Before Christmas book that my Grandma made for us! 

This last Saturday we had our annual Christmas Dinner with Hubby's army unit! I love traditions and this will always be a part of ours!! 
Our sweet family of 3

Daddy and Parker

Mommy and Parker
He loves to be up!!

Not so sure about Santa . . .

Yep, not too happy about Daddy walking away!


  1. Hopefully he didn't cry! He looks like he was pretty brave! Miss you guys!

  2. Cute! Don't worry- Santa pictures get better and better!


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