Monday, November 5, 2012

A Perfectly, Great Weeked

Hubby had drill this past weekend so we missed him but we did a lot of fun things!

Friday night we had a birthday dinner for Keith's oldest nephew! We had a nice dinner and then cupcakes and visiting afterwards. There was a lot of playing with the babies and with my C girl & B boy!! Parker and Noah are just 5 months apart!
Happy Birthday, Johnathan!

Noah and Parker hugging! Sweet baby cousin love!
Saturday morning, I took Parker to watch the Veterans Parade. He really likes parades but the fire trucks are just a bit too loud for him. 

Saturday afternoon we did a lot of playing and that evening we had our Fall Carnival at school. Since Keith wasn't home from drill, Parker went with me. It was a successful night! 
Wearing Daddy's lanyard and name badge 
 Early Sunday morning we headed to my Momma's for the day! She gave Parker his Halloween goodies!! 

He got some marshmallows, teddy grahams, and animal crackers!
I just LOVE this picture!!!
That afternoon I met my bestie at the mall for some shopping fun! We had a blast and are very much looking forward to next time - TWILIGHT! Yep, I am super excited!!!
We find the "Fun" in every store! :-)

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