Wednesday, October 10, 2012

1 Year Old! {Part 2)

This Month:
Weight: 21 lbs
Size 12 Month Clothes
Favorite Foods: Bananas, plums, peaches, chicken, grilled cheese, carrots, and more bananas
Favorite Toys: Monkey w/iphone, anything you can push around, books, your guitar, and your new BIG pit stop that takes up half of the living room
Favorite Show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
You had your very 1st Birthday Party - Mickey Mouse Style
You stand on your own so much
You took your first few steps
You learned how to clap
You learned how to wave Hi/Bye Bye
You bite when you get excited
You love to lay on your belly to play
You had tubes put in your ears
If we are eating, you HAVE to have bites of it

Part Three will be Parker's 1 Year Old professional pics! Here is a sneak peek!

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