Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Long Time, No Blogging

Life got busy again. And I mean busy! I'm adjusting back into the routine of the working Mom. I miss Parker so much during the day that we play and cuddle/snuggle all evening. When he goes down for bed at 7:45-8, I collapse into bed as well. It is hard to work all day (teaching 19 kindergartners) and then work all night taking care of the lil man. But I wouldn't have it any other way! Sometimes {everyday} I wish that I could just sleep in for 1 extra hour, or even 30 minutes. In fact I just wish I could sleep past 6am. But P gets up and so do I. And you can bet that we cuddle in the early mornings! 

Over the last few weeks:

  • I love my new Kindergarten class! They rock!
  • I am a Mentor Teacher this year to one of our new Pre-K teachers.
  • Our school hired a 6th K teacher on the 3rd day of school because we were overloaded
  • Parker is in love with his sitter!
  • I love me some NFL football
  • Parker has double ear infections right now . . . again
  • We go see the Ear, Nose, & Throat doctor on Monday for Parker
  • We are planning Parker's 1st Birthday Party! It's next month! 
  • I live for the weekends where I am able to stay in pj's and play with my boy all day long!!!
Helping Daddy play guitar

Swimming in a big pool for the 1st time

Vroom Vroom

He got a bit tuckered out

Labor Day weekend with Nana

Nana kisses

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  1. You will be an AMAZING mentor! And IF and WHEN I get a K job, I'm calling you up for help! :D


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