Monday, July 2, 2012

Teething and Not Sleeping

Parker has 2 teeth now. One has the bottom part broken through and the other one has just a small corner through. My poor baby is hurting. It's making it hard for him to sleep.

He only wants Mommy to rock him while sleeping. He can be sound asleep in my arms and the moment I lay him down in his crib, he wakes up. 

I'm exhausted. Dead. Tired.
This is something everyone said during pregnancy, "Sleep as much as you can now," "Sleep now because you won't be able to when he comes." 
Well they were right but you are never prepared for how much you will actually miss sleeping. 

So last night I felt like I had to do something about Parker wanting to be rocked. My mom has said a few times that I was the same way and she had to let me cry it out in the crib. 
I laid him down and let him cry until he fell asleep.
It was the longest 45 minutes. And I cried the entire time and even when he was asleep. That was hard on me. But he slept until 7 o'clock. 

Now naps . . . Parker will only nap if I'm rocking him. Sound familiar? So right now as I type this, he is crying in his crib. This time I have my ipad in his room and Pandora is playing country music. {the entire time I was pregnant, Keith would play his guitar and Parker would go crazy in my belly} 
He loves country music. It soothes him. 

From now on, I am going to turn on some country music, lay P in his crib, and walk away. 
I may need some prayers. Listening to your baby cry is so hard. 

I am happy to say that Parker fell asleep during all of this. :-) Now I will have Mommy time to do whatever I may need {or want} to do. That part is exciting! 

On a separate note, we found a new sitter for P and I am beyond thrilled with who we found. She is a friend of mine and I have known her for like forever! She has 3 kiddos of her own, 2 are in school and the other one is home with her during the day. She will only be keeping Parker and her little girl! I know he will be in great hands! 
{so much weight lifted from my shoulders}

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  1. I read the whole Baby Wise books and tried that route with Noah and it worked great with him! I had to let him cry it out only a few nights and each night it got better and better. By night 4 he would just go to sleep on his own and still does! He sleeps 9-11 hours a night, depending on the night. We were rocking him for naps until about 2 weeks ago. He just didn't want to be rocked anymore - he would roll around and acted uncomfortable. So, we just started laying him down and leaving him for nap too and he just puts himself to sleep - no crying! It is so nice and makes it so much easier to get things done! Good job momma! It should only get easier!


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