Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Ramblings

#1 - My friend, Katie, will be here on Tuesday!! She's a 1st grade teacher in Kuwait. Yep, Kuwait! She went to college here in my hometown and did her internship at my school. We became great friends! Sadly, she moved straight out of town when she graduated. She is in a great program and I'm so excited at all the wonderful opportunities she is getting and the best part, she gets to come home in the summer! She came to visit last summer for about 4 days and I was big ole pregnant. This time she gets to meet Parker baby! I'm so excited!!!

#2 - We are getting an entire bathroom makeover! Taking out the tub, tile, flooring, and counter-tops! But NOTHING has gotten done. We ordered all of our supplies at the end of June. They still are not in. They do not call us, ever, to tell us if things are in or not. Anytime Keith calls them they tell us that it's supposed to be on the truck coming that day. Well, do they call to tell us if it did or not? NO! And they were supposed to be done by when Katie gets here. That's not happening. And get this, they haven't even given us an estimate on what the total cost is going to be! Geez! Keith is so very frustrated that if he doesn't hear anything from them by Friday, we aren't going to use them. We will go somewhere else to have it done.

#3 - Parker's sleep training is what I would call, done! He will lay down and go to sleep without any tears or whimpers. It's so great to not have to listen to him cry! He is taking about 2 sometimes 3 naps a day and they only last around 45 minutes. He is still sleeping through the night which is about 11 hours!!! 

#4 - Parker has a new tooth! This one is on the bottom and has just barely broke through! The one right beside it will soon be following! That makes 3 now! 

#5 - I really, really want/need to find a new church home. There is a church very close to my house that I would love to try but I get so nervous about going by myself with Parker. I end up backing out every time. I could definitely use some prayers! 

A little Daddy & Parker love at Family Day with Keith's army unit! 

What I wore to Family Day! 


  1. Love your shirt! Come to the Journey with me! Every Sunday at 10! :D

  2. So glad Parker is sleeping better for you! I agree with Sheena - come to Journey! We go there and love it and Noah loves it too!


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