Thursday, May 10, 2012

7 Months Old

He decided that being in the chair wasn't fun so he is playing on the floor in the next pictures :-)

This Month:
16.6 lbs
25 1/2 inches long
Still in size 2 diapers and 3/6 clothes
You are eating 2nd foods now and you love it ALL
For breakfast you have cereal and a fruit
For lunch you have a veggie
You eat in your high chair now
You can completely sit by yourself
You scoot/crawl all over the place and you have figured out that you can go far
You make yourself laugh when you are playing
You refuse to just be held, you want to climb all over us
You are playing with big boy toys now
You can sit and play happily for quite awhile now
Your jumperoo is a favorite of yours now
You still love Mickey Mouse
You love toys that make noise and/or sing
You are starting to pull yourself up on things
You are beginning to get a bit of an attitude 
You throw a fit if you don't get something you want
You talk your baby jabbering constantly
You love trying to get Daddy's hats and sunglasses

Parker, you have grown so much in just this past month! You make Mommy & Daddy so very proud! We love you baby boy!

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